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Facts and statistics

Let’s start with the best news of all:

According to the last ‘Place Survey’ - which was back in 2009 before it was then abolished - Cornwall topped the league table for volunteering with 32% of people volunteering formally (at least once a month over 12 months) compared to an average of 26% for the rest of the country.

In Cornwall, we have an estimated 140,000 volunteers. The contribution they make to the Cornish economy, just from their hours alone, is estimated to be worth £490 million – and that’s before you add in the social value of the work they do!

Another way of looking at this is that if all of the volunteers in Cornwall disappeared overnight, we would have to employ 14,000 full-time staff to replace the work that they do!

At Volunteer Cornwall, we have an aspiration to raise the volunteering rate to 100%. And whilst we may never reach such lofty heights, it means we will never stop trying!

Our work is only a jigsaw piece in the complicated but beautiful picture that is volunteering in Cornwall.

Here are our Top Ten Facts & Figures associated with our work in 2015/16:

  • We supported over 2700 people to apply for volunteering directly through the do-it website
  • We handled a total of 3538 volunteer-related enquiries – that’s almost 14 enquiries a day for every working day we are open!
  • We welcomed 75 new organisations to our database and are currently recruiting for over 470 organisations
  • We also added 328 new volunteering opportunities meaning there are over 2000 volunteering opportunities for you to chose from in Cornwall!
  • We supported 35 community groups with advice and support on volunteering and voluntary action
  • Our 220+ volunteer drivers travelled 1,668 633 miles and carried 68,198 passengers
  • We trained 342 learners across 45 courses
  • We assisted 517 people on discharge from hospital through our ‘Welcome Home’ project
  • We visited 5292 patients in hospital via our Community Hospital Befrienders scheme
  • The Top 5 roles volunteers searched for were:
    • Befriending
    • Driving
    • Mentoring
    • Admin
    • Support Work