Here you can find a directory of the partners involved in the Your Way, a little bit about them and links to their websites for further information.

Cornwall Learning Partnership Logo

Cornwall Learning Partnership


Supporting young people and unemployed adults.

Supporting employers and the workforce in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly and delivering in partnership with:

  • Business Sectors
  • Voluntary and Community sector
  • Private training providers
  • Colleges

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Xenzone – Kooth

Website: or

Founded in 2001, Xenzone are leading pioneers of online counselling in the UK, having won a number of prestigious awards. We have worked with 20 + commissioners and more than 30,000 young people so far.
Our team is made up of a unique combination of expert mental health therapists, counsellors, skilled managers and IT specialists. Together they deliver and continuously develop our online e-therapy services.

Kooth is a unique service that provides vulnerable young people, who have emotional or mental health problems, with support when they need it most.
Kooth was developed to provide PCTs, local authorities and GPs with the resource, expertise and support to provide help to young people most at risk and crucially, prevent them from entering the care system. It engages with hard-to-reach young people in a way that other services can’t.
Kooth provides users with a free, confidential, safe and above all anonymous way to ask for help. It’s currently available to over half a million 11-25 year olds in England and Wales and is now operational in 33 geographical areas.

Kooth is a transformational lifeline that has successfully helped and continues to reach the very vulnerable, many of whom would never have access to face-to-face counselling.

Penwith Community Development Trust Logo

Penwith Community Development Trust


We are a Cornish charity aiming to relieve poverty, reduce social isolation and support healthy living. We do this through education, skills development, volunteering and the promotion of community development.

Our ethos is to help people to help themselves and to help them identify their local needs so as to develop and deliver services tailored to suit their environment. We aim to be an example of good practice for voluntary and community organisations both locally and nationally so that initiatives started in West Cornwall can be enjoyed throughout the nation.

We have a well-established track record over many years of leading and delivering large scale community based projects and our staff have over 150 years’ experience in the voluntary sector between them. With this experience we aim to grow PCDT and embrace new opportunities to improve people’s quality of life.

Young People Cornwall Logo

Young People Cornwall


Young People Cornwall knows what young people need. We’ve been successfully working with 11-25 year olds for almost 40 years, encouraging thousands of young people to reach their potential. Set up in 1974 to help youth groups across the county, we’ve grown in size and scope since we started, but our ambition and drive stays the same.

We’re all about making waves. Giving young people a voice, building their confidence, boosting their creativity and opening doors to a brighter future – all in a way that works for them.

As a local charity with the skills and insight to support young people who live here, we now deliver a wide range of programmes and projects across Cornwall, as well as providing vital tools and resources to help existing youth groups and clubs to really fly.

Young People Cornwall is made up of committed, proactive individuals, who together bring valuable skills and attributes to the team.

Hourworld Logo



We are Social Architects who believe that people are the true wealth of the world as their talents gracefully flow out to the benefit of all. We are grounded in the principles of simplicity and abundance and in the the joy of giving and receiving. It is our desire to help in the reclamation of local community prosperity by providing our gifts of time, training and tools in a pay it forward model within the Hour Exchange networks of hOurworld.

We strive to remove all barriers to time banking.We strive to remove all barriers to entry and membership in the time banking movement so that all may have the opportunity to contibute their time and talents and feel connected to their local community. As individuals we each participate in the community currency movement and we honor all the good people who have contibuted to this system of service to others. We pay special tribute to the seven women that originally founded time banking in the United States.

We don’t need another movement. We need to move together.hOurworld exists to welcome and connect all varieties of local exchanges under one roof. This allows interaction between member exchanges everywhere, as their interests and needs arise. The hOurworld Train the Trainer program teaches the fundamentals for organizing, building and enriching new and existing time banks. This model provides a recipe for program nurturing and growth towards maturity. As each new exchange develops it can seed another through the sharing of resources. And that exchange will seed another… and another…

Pegasus Award Logo

TfL Training – Pegasus Award


Formed in 2007 to support all people across the age and ability range, we continue to build a reputation for delivering meaningful intervention and targeted academic and social support programmes.

Our close-knit team draws-on the experience gleaned from years in the classroom; in the outdoors; on the sports field and – as importantly we feel – from the public and private sectors. And thanks to our common commitment to excellence and a genuine passion to do well for you, your staff and your students, you can be assured of memorable and effective input which won’t disappoint.

The Pegasus Award is proving to be our flagship programme. Designed to create a genuine vehicle for primary and secondary schools to promote the educational continuum, it is ideal for pupils of all abilities. It promotes emotional intelligence and academic growth. Pegasus is about making pupils feel good about themselves without adding to the workload of staff.

Dynamo Healthcare Training Academy Logo

Dynamo Healthcare Training Academy


Dynamo Healthcare Training and Consultancy Ltd (DHCT) is a specialist provider dedicated to supporting healthcare employers in the South West of England. We provide healthcare training for all ages to meet role requirements through apprenticeship, NVQ Diplomas and bespoke delivery to meet organisational needs.

Our primary aim is to support young people in the South West to commence careers in the healthcare sectors.  Through excellent links with Job Centre Plus, Careers South West, Schools and Colleges, we create access to apprenticeship programmes to support young people in the Region.  Our Healthcare Academy supports young people aged 16 – 18 years to prepare for roles in Clinical Healthcare, Medical Reception and Social Care roles.