Guidance & Advice

Volunteer Cornwall is the volunteering charity for Cornwall. Part of our role is to support voluntary, community and public sector organisations to find volunteers.

The benefits of engaging with volunteers are well known but you may not be aware of the range of help and advice we are able to offer:

  • Putting together a recruitment campaign
  • Targeting your marketing at the right audience
  • Composing your volunteer role description
  • Getting the message out through newspaper and other media
  • Placing your opportunity on the national volunteering database:

We already support over 1000 Voluntary and community groups across the county offering continued support to fill their volunteer placements. Additionally we have a range of projects and schemes that can offer extra support for particular client groups (such as those looking to return to work or with learning disabilities).

Our brokerage service will act as a point of liaison; even if you want to advertise and recruit from the whole of Cornwall you will still have a single point of contact – call us on 01872 266988 or email [email protected]

We have offices in East, Mid and West Cornwall but please note that these are now ‘appointment only’ services.


Our Training Team work with individuals and organisations to meet individual training needs with cost effective and appropriate options. We deliver high-quality training in a range of subject areas using enthusiastic and passionate tutors.

We have been delivering Volunteer Management qualifications since 2012 and continue to offer a range of solutions ranging from half day good practice sessions and workshops through to nationally accredited courses at Levels 3 & 4.

We are happy to offer a free consultation meeting to provide you with a no obligation training solution.  Call 01872 266987 or email [email protected]

What you can expect from us
    • Excellent pass rates
    • Enthusiastic and passionate trainers
    • A relaxed but professional environment
    • Accredited courses with highly regarded awarding bodies
    • Tailored solutions for your individual or organisational training needs
    • Extensive training experience
    • Excellent learner feedback
    • Solutions for funding bids with a training delivery plan
    • Advice in relation to meeting funding outputs and what training can be put in place

Whatever your training requirements please give us a call on 01872 266987  

How to Recruit Volunteers

Top Five Tips for Recruiting & Keeping Volunteers

Most of the host organisations we recruit volunteers for are always on the look out for more volunteers. So how can you boost your chances of being the cause or charity someone chooses to donate their time to? Here are our Top 5 Tips:

1) Make your ad stand out. Remember you are competing with hundreds of good causes and thousands of volunteering placements. Ask someone not associated with your cause to read your volunteer ad and give honest feedback – does it entice them?

2) Keep it flexible. The more flexibility you can offer with things like times and roles, the more people will be interested in applying. Have you considered allowing volunteers to set their own times or volunteer from home, for example?

3) Be clear about the benefits of volunteering with your organisation. What do you offer? Do you pay travel expenses, provide lunch or refreshments, allow volunteers to have a say in the running of the task?

4) Give your volunteers feedback. Offer individual appraisals to talk about how they are getting on but try and focus too on what difference they are making. That’s why people volunteer, after all.

5) Recognise and reward your volunteers. Certificates to recognise a volunteers efforts or just the occasional “thank you” can make the difference between a volunteer staying put or moving on. Why not nominate your volunteers for the ‘Cornwall Celebrates Volunteering’ Awards?

DBS Checks

Volunteer Cornwall is an Umbrella Body (UB) registered with the Disclosure & Barring Service and provides access checks for volunteers on its own projects and those of partner organisations. However, we no longer provide a general checking service and we recommend charities and community groups who require this use the online system – which is quick and efficient – operated by Cornwall Council.

As an Umbrella Body Volunteer Cornwall is required to comply with the DBS Code of Practice and take reasonable steps to ensure that those to whom we are providing the service are able to comply with the relevant obligations of the same code.

From 17th June 2013, the DBS stopped issuing two DBS certificates.
  • A DBS certificate is now only sent to the applicant.
  • Volunteer Cornwall are NOT sent a DBS certificate, even if it contains any criminal record information.
  • Organisations do not receive any notifications that checks have been completed.
  • Organisations are not sent a DBS certificate.
  • Volunteer Cornwall will track the progress of DBS Applications if necessary. We will make a note of each Application Form Reference number (10 digit number starting with F00) and the applicant’s date of birth before we submit them for processing and then track them via:
  • Organisations will need to ask the applicant to show them their DBS certificate when it arrives.

Organisations can only retain a copy of the DBS Certificate with the applicant’s permission.

If you do retain a copy, you must store this copy in line with the DBS policy on Storage and Retention of Disclosure information and the Data Protection Act. See the DBS Code of Practice and sample policy on the storage of Disclosures in the Customer Resources/Links section of their website:


If the applicant is subscribed to the Update system and you get a status update on an applicant’s DBS certificate you cannot pass this on to other people / employers / organisations

This information is confidential to the applicant. You cannot pass status updates to other employers or organisations or other people. The applicant must give other employers / organisations direct approval, and give them the information they need so they can get their own status update from the DBS website.

Please contact the DBS on 0870 90 90 811 for more information.