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Accessible Vehicle & Minibus

Accessible Vehicle Scheme

We operate an accessible vehicle driven by volunteers who are fully trained to assist wheelchair users for whom travelling in cars is difficult. It is based in Truro, but our volunteers can and do drive it around the whole county to help those who need such a vehicle. Because it is based centrally in Truro, and because the running costs of the vehicle are a little higher, we charge a little bit more for transport in this vehicle. Once again though we are happy to talk to you about your needs, and to give an approximate cost if you think being able to use this vehicle would help you or someone you know.

picture of our accessible vehicle


We now have a minibus available for hire through our Community Transport Scheme. It can carry up to 16 people (plus a driver) and is fully equipped with a tail lift, kerb ramps and the potential to carry two wheelchair users and 8 non wheelchair users. We obtained this minibus to provide a low cost transport option for voluntary and community groups, particularly groups who may be unable to use other modes of transport. If you are a charity, sports, cultural or social group and would benefit from the use of a minibus, particularly an accessible one please do get in touch.

We can ask one of our volunteers to help with driving it for you, or can help you with training up members of your group to a nationally recognised standard.

We take the safety and comfort of people travelling in our vehicles very seriously and follow DVSA guidance for the maintenance of public service vehicles, including inspection by professional mechanics every eight weeks (or even sooner if the minibus is used more). This means that you can be sure when you use our minibus that it is properly maintained and safe, but does mean that there is a cost to using it. We charge £70 for a full day’s hire with one of our drivers, and £84 if you are using one of your own (as we have to charge VAT for hire without a driver). For this you can drive up to 200 miles meaning that the whole of Cornwall is accessible to your group without worry, if you go a little over this we wont be too concerned but a small, per mile, additional charge will be applicable if you are going further afield. This sum allows us to properly maintain the vehicle to a high standard and we think it represents good value for money. If costs are an issue for your organisation it is still worth giving us a call to see if we can help in any way.

For more information, or to enquire about the availability of the minibus please contact Tim on 01872 265 301.

Picture of our accessible minibus