Overview of thirdbridge


thirdbridge is an award winning social enterprise that helps companies and charities to connect and form partnerships to maximise the positive impact they have in society.   

They provide an online network to build connections between organisations, a platform for companies to manage and report on their CSR engagements and an advisory service to help organisations increase the positive social impact of their cross-sector partnerships.

Companies and third sector organisations can sign up for free to the online network, which is essentially a responsible dating service, but for organisations!  Rather than finding love, we help organisations find their perfect match to help address the social and environmental issues that are important to them as organisations. 

The thirdbridge network helps:

  • companies to increase their positive impact on society by developing strategic partnerships to tackle social and environmental issues that relate to their business activities – increasing their positive impact increases their profits.
  • third sector organisations get access to services, resources and expert support to help scale programmes and increase efficiency – increasing their access to resources increases the number of beneficiaries they can support. 
  • professionals to share and develop their skills with third sector organisations through their company volunteer programmes, forming their own arrangements with charities, or changing their behaviours – increasing their involvement increases their wellbeing.

Why would a charity/social enterprise be interested?  

  • To fill any existing skills/funding gaps and get access to resources that will help them to scale programmes or build capacity to reach more beneficiaries.

Why would a company be interested?

There are various internal and external pressures that are making companies consider their social and environmental impact – embedding a responsible business approach into the core of their operations, rather than a side line “CSR” activity.  Some of these are listed below:

  • Customers are starting to make buying decisions based on social and environmental reputation of a company  
  • Employees are increasingly making decisions on who to work for based on the social purpose and values of a company
  • Regulation is being introduced that is forcing companies to be transparent about their social and environmental impact
  • Employee volunteer programmes engage staff, boost morale and increase productivity
  • Skilled employee volunteer programmes are a proven route to a better skilled workforce at a lower cost, which in turn boosts productivity
  • There are numerous opportunities for companies to gain access to new markets
  • Leading companies are already doing this – there is a risk of being left behind

Sign Up Today

Companies click here to sign up today:  https://thirdbridge.co.uk/#/signup-company

Charities and community organisations click here to sign up today: https://thirdbridge.co.uk/#/signup-charity

What People Say

"We can’t all go and join the Peace Corp. We have to produce products, we have to sell them, we have to make money so it’s sustainable. But it is possible to do this with a very deep sense of purpose and leave the world a better place."

Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever

"Business is the most powerful force in society today. It's more powerful than religion, than nation states… If business doesn't help address social and environmental issues, they're not going to get addressed."

Jerry Greenfield, CEO, Ben and Jerrys

"Although 'partnership' can be an overused word in the sector, when properly applied it denotes a valuable, long-term relationship between a charity and company sharing expertise, resources and working together ultimately to help improve people's lives."

Alix Wooding, Head of Corporate Partnerships, Macmillan Cancer Care

Small Business Week

Ahead of small business week on the 5th September, Rick has written a blog on how small businesses can partner with charities for mutual benefit. Please do have a read and share/comment/like.