Many of us will make a New Year’s Resolution and many of these will be of the “negative” variety - to give up something be it smoking, alcohol, sugar, chocolate etc. As we know these are difficult to keep but if you do succeed the benefits outweigh the self-discipline and restraint.

Another type of resolution is to do something personal, e.g. daily swimming, jogging, yoga etc and again there is a boost if you can keep these up.

But for 2018 why not consider a third and perhaps the most satisfying type of resolution – namely to do something to help other people, and your wider community, by volunteering.

Research shows that volunteers receive a significant boost to self-esteem and happiness through helping charities to thrive and fulfil their vital role as part of the glue that holds society together. There are thousands of volunteering opportunities in Cornwall and most charities and community groups are always on the look-out for new recruits.

The website - - is the best place to start to find opportunities in your area, just start typing your postcode then select it from the drop-down menu when it appears and you're off!

If you need a little more help, you can download our DIY Guide to Volunteering which will take you through the steps to get you started.

Whether you are looking to fill your spare time, learn new skills, start a new career, make new friends or simply looking for a change, make volunteering part of your resolutions for 2018.

P.S. - If you don't believe that volunteering can change your life, read this article from The Guardian - Happy Volunteering :-)