Volunteer Cornwall in partnership with Barnardo’s South West are working together to deliver an Independent Visitor and Advocacy Service (CIVAS) for children and young people in Cornwall.

When the local authority is making a plan for what should happen to a child or young person in care, where there are safeguarding concerns or they are vulnerable, they need to find out their views and feelings and they must tell them what is happening and why.  

Involving children and young people can help better decisions to be made by everyone and Advocacy is recognised as playing an important role. An Advocate is an independent person who is there to make sure the voice of the child or young person is heard. CIVAS_Volunteer_Role_Description_advocacy.pdf

An Independent Visitor is an adult who befriends and helps a child or young person in care with little or no contact with their birth families. They visit each week, help with what is best for them as mentioned in their plan and spend time with the child or young person in activities they would like to do. It is a long term relationship. CIVAS_Volunteer_Role_Description_independent_visitor.pdf

Volunteers will receive an induction to the role, full training and ongoing support.

To get involved as a CIVAS Volunteer Advocate or Independent Visitor contact Judy Baker on 01872 266993 or email [email protected]