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Loneliness Awareness Week

Written by Leanna Cox

Most people will feel lonely at some point in their lives. It’s a deeply personal experience that - in most cases - will thankfully pass. But for a growing number of people loneliness can define their lives and have a significant impact on their wellbeing.

Loneliness can affect anyone of any age and background - from an older person mourning the loss of a life partner to a young person who simply feels different and isolated from their friends. Furthermore, as our society continues to evolve, otherwise welcome advances can also increase the risk of loneliness. And we risk losing the warmth of human contact.

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The International Day of Persons with Disabilities

VIVA extends its remit



At lunchtime today I was browsing the BBC news website and, after scaring myself that Russia and Ukraine might start World War 3, I came across the article above. Sad, in some ways, to hear how moving to a new area or having a baby can lead to such feelings of loneliness. I was, however, delighted to hear how both the individuals featured found some solace through either volunteering or reaching out for help to charities in their respective areas.

It also reminded me that, in a slight "tweak" to how we run the VIVA scheme,  we are now able to offer our service to people who are "isolated, lonely or experiencing poverty" in addition to our longstanding commitment to work with people with disabilities and health problems.

Volunteering can be a great way to make new friends and reduce those feelings of loneliness so if you, or someone you know, finds themselves in that situation please check out the VIVA page of our website and bear us in mind.


My Final Blog From the Volunteer Cornwall Office

Blog by Matthew Salisbury

I have enjoyed my time here at Volunteer Cornwall.

The staff here are nice people.

My mum and I are very grateful for you allowing me to volunteer here at the office.

I’m looking forward to hopefully volunteering at the British Heart Foundation in Camborne listing ebay items, customer service etc.

I will miss being at the Volunteer Cornwall office.


Things I have achieved while being here:

  • Setting up a Viva football buddy scheme to watch Plymouth Argyle at home.
  • Going on Coast FM to talk about volunteering
  • Getting a gold medal in Sheffield for football

What roles I have done:

  • Research
  • Use Microsoft Access
  • Input Special Olympics people’s name, address etc
  • Write blogs
  • Mind maps

I have been to lots of events organised by Volunteer Cornwall including:

  • Tall Ships
  • 40th Birthday celebrations
  • I will be going to the Volunteer Awards and I’ve been nominated for an award.
  • Blue Light Days
  • Party in the Park once or twice
  • Beach day thing
  • Christmas event at end of the year
  • Boat trip to Falmouth
  • Café Chaos open day
  • Safeguarding training
  • IT training
  • Going to Tottenham Hotspur White Hart Lane


To sum up I’ve enjoyed my time here at Volunteer Cornwall.

App to help people with autism deal with anxiety

Published by Steve Ford, VIVA Project Officer

Given my working pattern, and being a bit of a politics "nerd", I was watching Prime Minister's Questions a couple of weeks ago and was interested to hear a Member of Parliament raising the subject of an App designed to help people with autism recognise and manage their anxiety.

I jotted down the name of the App and, with a little bit of net "surfing", have managed to track down Autistica's "Molehill Mountain" app (see link below)


As I only have access to an Android phone I'm not yet able to access it but I have received a lovely e mail from the team at Autistica to let me know that the Android version of the App will be available in a few weeks' time and that I will be receiving the first of their anxiety e mail series just as soon as they know the android launch date. I'll be sure to post another blog as soon as I have more to report but, for any of you out there who knows someone with autism or is on the spectrum themselves, it's another useful piece of information to have about the help out there.