The Beast from the East brought snow, wind and ice to our hilltop Community of Four Lanes with snow days, school closures and cars abandoned as the roads became impassable. Families out playing together, creating snowmen and ladies together, creating memories.

For our lovely Community it also has the bought out the best of the West. Neighbours knocking on the doors of elderly, vulnerable and those with small children who may need a helping hand. Social media being used for the power of good, warning of dangers on roads, owners of 4x4s running nurses and carers around, running relay services from the bottom of the hill to get stranded residents back home to the village. One was kind enough to rescue my husband and son when then got stuck in a verge after feeding our animals.

Farmers helping those stranded and waiting at strategic points even though they themselves are so very, very busy.

Neighbours bottling up water and delivering it to residents in the village whose pipes have frozen. The local pub offering free tea and coffee and pasties to those in need, for the many who had frozen pipes.

The local shop always offers to deliver at tough times, but this time the volunteers had it covered!

Neighbours shopping for those that could not and should not venture out.

People inviting their Community into their homes for food, hot showers, the use of tumble driers and washing machines.

We wrapped our nine-year-old up in the evening and walked through the village with our snow loving springer to deliver meals and water and to make memories in snow that had drifted to our knees in our local park. The few people we met en route stopped for chats, the village full of smiles and kindness. The 4x4s that did pass were greeted with cheery waves.

The Beast from The East brought out the Best in the West and I hope that after the Beast waves goodbye that the Community spirit remains brighter than before, that new friendships made last longer than the snow. That as the snow melts the warmth of the kindness given and received leaves our little village all the warmer.

I am proud to call our Community home – proud of the spirit of our Community Volunteers.

I also flipping love the snow!