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Jump into 2017 and hit the ground running

I tell people that I am ‘a Jack (or Jenny) of all trades and master of none’  What that really means is that I have various attributes and a few skills so I’m capable of fitting in anywhere and am adaptable to change, and ‘getting stuck in’. This year is no exception. At the end of December I’m told that I have yet another new role –to be precise, its two! For a while I shall be part of the Welcome Home team, as well as a Community Maker, back on my old patch (traditionally remembered as Restormel and Carrick), now recognised as Mid Cornwall.

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Mental Health and volunteering

Volunteering and Mental Health


There have been numerous surveys suggesting that volunteering can improve your mental health, which is fine but until you experience it you may find it difficult to believe, especially if you are suffering with mental health problems at present.  It may be difficult for you to leave your house or even leave your bed! You may find social interactions difficult, so how, from this view point can volunteering improve your mental health?

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A little over 2 ½ years ago I set up the Befriending scheme for the community hospitals across Cornwall. The purpose of the project was to develop a service that provided supportive volunteer relationships with the patients on the wards and enhance their experience through conversations and engaging activities.

It began a steep learning curve; understanding and adhering to all the NHS protocols and regulations. Addressing information governance issues gaining knowledge about hospital acquired bugs and infections, understanding hospital health and safety risks, and thinking about safeguarding, conflict resolution and boundaries.

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What We Do On Welcome Home

Whenever I meet new people, they often start conversations with me by doing their best impression of Queen Elizabeth II.


"And what do you do?" they enquire.


I do my best to explain how I engage with health professionals and volunteers to provide support for people recently discharged from hospital who need additional assistance to regain their independence and to find services which can yadda yadda yadda... It's a little boring to explain.

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