well, the definition from the dictionary is 'a person who establishes an enterprise with the aim of solving social problems or effecting social change'.  However, when the Transform Ageing programme launched and people started talking about this, many didn't understand the definition.  In fact, participants - including people in later life - questionned what it was. Many of us assumed that it was referring to someone like Richard Branson or some kind of 'wide-eyed' whizz kid with pots of money and a brilliant idea but no, the social entrepreneur comes in many guises and more recently includes people like the lady behind the Junk Food project for example.

In applying that to the Transform Ageing programme, we had some people in later life who never thought themselves as 'social entrepreneurs' but equally had the passion and drive to follow an inspiration in wanting to effect change and so, we had our Transform Ageing Social Entrepreneurs!  Following the 'call for bids' back in October 2017, on Monday of this week the panel interviewed our first set of entrepreneurs for their pitches. 

It was a very interesting and insightful day with three of the six applicants being Cornish and what was so inspiring was their passion for wanting to deliver their product/service and their determination for making their idea work.  We, as the panel, have made our recommendations to the Awards committee and the applicants will soon find out if their idea will receive one of the financial awards being considered.

What was particularly heart-warming about this process was how those that didn't originally consider themselves as 'social entrepreneurs' had grown as individuals and were now developing the business skills and traits to deliver their ideas.

It just goes to show that from 'little acorns grow' and that you should always follow your dream for if you have the passion and determination, you can make it happen!