Volunteering has been commonplace in the cultural sector for decades. Many organisations draw on volunteers to help with various roles and responsibilities. Volunteers come with different skills and expertise, some give up their time for doing things they enjoy such as story telling in museums whilst others feel passionate about a particular art form and give their expertise to develop and grow the organisation as board members. Volunteers play an important role in the sector, without this support many of the small museums and galleries would not open.

In Cornwall, approximately 15% of the charities and community groups class themselves as operating in the cultural sector - but what does this include? Most commonly, people think of museums and Cornwall has a fantastic range of museums - large and small. But there are also art galleries, theatres, a great range of festivals (see our Event Volunteering page for more info on getting involved in these) and a growing range of heritage attractions.

Opportunities to volunteer with heritage attractions could include getting hands on with a steam engine on a preserved railway, acting as a steward in a stately home, a guide at a historic site or a groundsperson in one of our amazing Cornish gardens.

Alternatively, you could get involved in the growing number of community radio stations around the county - on air or behind the scenes - or in your local amateur dramatics group.

There are literally hundreds of different opportunities and the easiest way to find out what is out there is to use the do-it website's advanced search function and selecting 'Culture & Heritage' from the menu under 'What causes are you passionate about'. If you have any problems finding what you are looking for, give us a call on 01872 266988.

Below are some examples of previous winners in our Cornwall Celebrates Volunteering Awards "Cultural" category which may inspire you. Meantime, happy volunteering.