Principles of Counselling

This one-day course reveals the principles and practices of counselling. Participants will discover the power of the person-centred approach in helping others.Read more

Principles of Coaching

This one-day course reveals the principles and practices of coaching for life, business and the workplace. Participants will learn the basics of goal setting and creating coaching conversations.Read more

Principles of Project Management

This two-day course introduces you to the key principles of project management that are relevant to all projects no matter how big or small. Participants will learn transferable skills for work and life.Read more

Level 3 Award in Education & Training

This six-day course is a preparation for those who have recently joined, or are considering entering, the teaching, training or learning and development sector.Read more

Level 3 Award in Information, Advice & Guidance

This five-day course is designed to develop a deep understanding of the roles of workers within information, advice or guidance, and the skills and knowledge needed to offer these services to others.Read more

Introduction to Excel Spreadsheets

This half-day introductory workshop will provide learners with the basics of how to use Microsoft Excel to create and manage spreadsheets of information.Read more