The day was opened by Kathy Byrne, Chief Executive RCHT who spoke about the aims of the day and how we can all effectively work together as system leaders, in the service of our patients and communities. This was followed by a short film clip from a range of people within the community, expressing their views and ideas about improvements in the system.
During the morning a number of facilitated table discussions were held, to harness the great ideas that were being raised within the room and how we may be able to target some of the leadership challenges that we are being faced with.
The day would not have been complete without hearing from our guest speaker Chris Ham, CEO of The Kings Fund. Chris spoke about what a good system leader looks like and shared the latest experience of leading Accountable Care systems elsewhere.

In the afternoon we heard from Jackie Pendleton, Chief Officer KCCG, who acknowledged the difficulties, but underlined the good work that is also happening with clinical and community leaders. Positive case studies were provided from 3 leaders across the system; Dr Neil Walden, Ian Jones and Anita Cornelius, describing successful change and illustrating cohesiveness and visibility at inter-agency level.

Towards the end of the day, delegates were asked to be seated on tables with the sector they felt most affiliated with. In groups, they were invited to devise pledges and make practical commitments to deliver system improvements that our citizens need. We were heartened to hear on the day that this did not feel comfortable for everyone, as the principle of integrated working is already in progress and that inter-agency conversations are more natural to us as a group!

The day was closed by Kate Kennally, Chief Executive Cornwall Council, who concluded the thoughts and ideas harnessed from the day and spoke about the future of leadership in Cornwall & Isles of Scilly.

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