Apex Arts have received some funding from the RTR Foundation to enable us to take part in the second Inland Arts Festival in Redruth scheduled for the weekend of October 21st-23rd.  As well as exhibiting at the contemporary art exhibition Apex have also been asked to put on a small performance which will be held the afternoon of either Saturday 22nd or Sunday 23rd October in Redruth (time and venue TBC).  

The title of the project is: IN OUR OWN TIME

From a giant Disco Microphone to the chant of the People’s Pylon you are invited to enter the new and exciting world of Apex Arts where artists and participants seek to redress the balance of historical marginalisation and creative deprivation by putting their unique voices and original ideas at the heart of the Inland Art 2016 festival.  

So change time zones now, fill up your tank with Love, disengage outworn Judgement and join them on their sensational inter-dimensional journey.

The project aims to put the unique individual voices of Apex participants at the heart of the creative debate about the future of their area through participating in the  'Inland Art 2016 Festival -The Impossible and possible futures of Redruth' so raising visibility, awareness, understanding and opportunities for people with learning disabilities through their art, creative expression and performance.