The first part of the course will be the theoretical session which will be a presentation with the following subjects being covered with a short multiple choice test at the end and should run for approximately 3 to 4 hours:

  • Defensive driving.
  • Discussion on accident scenario analysis.
  • Discussion on speed and its effects.
  • Latest legislation and how it relates to volunteer drivers.
  • Hazard awareness.
  • Disability awareness.
  • Assisting people with walking difficulties.
  • Vehicle breakdown procedures.
  • Assisting people with health problems.
  • Transporting children and child passenger safety.
  • Dealing with difficult behaviour.

The second part of the course will be a practical session which will be a short assessment drive in your own vehicle with the assessor and should take around 30 minutes to an hour after the theoretical session. The assessment drive will be in your own vehicle that you use to transport passengers whilst driving for us. Our assessors are MIDAS trained who have been on an intense training course. We hope that this course will help you prepare for eventualities that you may come across as a volunteer driver.


It will also be a chance to meet other volunteer drivers and share experiences with them. At the successful end of the MIDAS course, you will get a certificate proving that you have met the requirements to pass. In no way are we attempting to teach you how to drive, you know this already, however this course is now a requirement for any drivers to be able to undertake driving on behalf of Cornwall Council. Once you have completed this course your certificate is valid for 4 years.

Further dates:

5th September at Morley Tamblyn Lodge, Lodge Hill, Liskeard, PL14 4EN