The Civil Society Futures Inquiry is coming to Penzance on the 28th November 2017.

The Independent Inquiry, chaired by Julia Unwin CBE, is facilitating a conversation about how civil society can thrive, and lead the way into the future. If you live, work or play in or around the environs of Penzance, come along and join the conversation.

Civil society is all of us.

When we act not for profit nor because the law requires us to, but out of love or anger or creativity, or principle, we are civil society. When we bring together our friends or colleagues or neighbours to have fun or to defend our rights or to look after each other, we are civil society.

Whether we organise through informal friendship networks, Facebook groups, community events and protests; or formal committees, charities, faiths and trade unions, whether we block runways or co-ordinate coffee mornings, do charity runs or make music for fun; when we organise ourselves outside the market and the state, we are all civil society.

This Inquiry is about getting people together, thinking about what sorts of changes you want to see and trying to make that happen.

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