Training Quizzes - The Practice of Volunteering

Take part in the training teams mini quizzes and have a chance of winning £25 off a course of your choice with us.Read more

Food for Thought

Most of us will have heard the phrase ‘do unto others what you would have them do to you’, and I guess most of us would want to live by that principle, but do we?Read more

Are we addicted to Social Media?

We've now run Social Media workshops for various groups across Cornwall with each course being tailored to the group. Despite the different approaches, the course seems to raise very similar themes between groups.Read more

Volunteer Management Our Recruitment Challenges for 2017

We are at the midpoint of our latest delivery of the Level 4 Award in Volunteer Management with a diverse group of volunteer managers/coordinators.  The variety of personal experience and organisations in the room have helped these sessions to be both lively and entertaining, with some frank discussions about volunteers and volunteering.Read more

Volunteer Management & Fundraising - A Learner's Perspective

Read about Paul's experiences as a volunteer and how doing the Volunteer Management and Fundraising courses has helped him.Read more

A day in the life of an admin assistant

I wonder how many stories there are that we never hear about, where lives are changed by the simple act of doing one’s job or volunteering…..Read more

What troubles do you have with computers?

Computers can be daunting when you haven't been given the knowledge to use them. If you could pick any IT topic to have a day’s workshop on, what would you choose?Read more

So you think you are a safe driver?

A reflection on the benefits of taking the Midas Car/MPV driver course.Read more

Safeguarding for trustees and managers?

24th August 2016 - When did you last review your Safeguarding policies & process? Last week we held our first session on Safeguarding for Trustees and Managers.Read more