Back again!

My return to workRead more

Au Revoir

A prelude to Christmas!Read more

Prickles and Paws

Read about Nat's encounters of a prickly kind and the exciting times ahead for newly registered charity Prickles and Paws.Read more

A day in the life of a trustee

A little bit of an insight into the role of a trustee from the perspective of a Secretary of a local community group.Read more

Community Heroes

Nat shares a heartfelt thanks to all of the great volunteers who give up their time to help others in these difficult times.Read more

Education & Training - A Learner's Perspective

Read about Sally's views on the Level 3 Award in Education & Training course and how it as helped her advance her career.Read more

Anytime, Anywhere?

For volunteers week we wanted to write short blog post on what volunteering is, where you can volunteer and how to get involved... and sheep.Read more

Transitional Fair at Cornwall College St Austell

Nat shares her experiences of attending the Transitional Fair at Cornwall College St Austell with Steve.Read more

If you go down to the woods today…

You may well find a group of enthusiastic volunteers sharing hot chocolate and marshmallows around the fire, after a productive day!Read more

Volunteer Management - Learner's Stories

Read about the experience of our learners from our Volunteer Management training and how it helped to advance their skills in working with volunteers.Read more

Living Well to Work Co-ordinator... First Week in a new job!

If you are going to start a new role, it’s fortuitous when the week starts with a bank holiday giving you an extra day of fun at the beach and working in the garden.Read more

Introducing the VC Academy

What will happen when European funding comes to an end and charities and community groups have to pay for training for their staff and volunteers?Read more

Training Quizzes - The Practice of Volunteering

Take part in the training teams mini quizzes and have a chance of winning £25 off a course of your choice with us.Read more

Food for Thought

Most of us will have heard the phrase ‘do unto others what you would have them do to you’, and I guess most of us would want to live by that principle, but do we?Read more

Are we addicted to Social Media?

We've now run Social Media workshops for various groups across Cornwall with each course being tailored to the group. Despite the different approaches, the course seems to raise very similar themes between groups.Read more