Pioneers of the West

Health care in West PenwithRead more

Welcome Home (Home from Hospital scheme)

No such thing as a typical Welcome Home referral.Read more

Jump into 2017 and hit the ground running

It's going to be a busy year, not just for me, as the past few days have proved, but for Volunteer Cornwall and the sector across the County, as services are squeezed, budgets are cut, and the need for help and support becomes more evident.Read more

Mental Health and volunteering

The relationship between mental health and volunteering - a necessary enjoyable distraction.Read more


Befriending is a volunteering activity anyone can do, the impact and difference it can make is positive and long lasting.Read more

What We Do On Welcome Home

17th August 2016 - Whenever I meet new people, they often start conversations with me by doing their best impression of Queen Elizabeth II. "And what do you do?" they enquireRead more