Transforming Health & Social Care

How does it feel to be a little cog in a big machine? Read on to find out.Read more

Mapping - only part of the solution

Why mapping is only part of the solution when it comes to social prescribing.Read more

The 'Older' person 2018

Are you aged 50+? Most developed-world countries have accepted the age of 50 years as a definition of an 'older’ person (along with Age UK). I’m 50+ but I certainly don’t feel ‘Old’....Read more

Major Tom to St Columb Major Community Health Day

The first Community Health DayRead more

The first Centipede Club

First meeting of the Centipede Club in LiskeardRead more

Not just delivering library books!

so much more than just library booksRead more

The importance of social conscience

a local story helping older adults in the communityRead more


an example of inspiration in the communityRead more

Research research research!

Research from interviews proves enlighteningRead more

First week first workshop!

Having sat through many 'workshops', this was very refreshing in that it was informal but very informative and the role of the participant was to do exactly that - participate in a very positive way.Read more

Let's Talk Ageing

Heartlands in Pool was the venue for the launch of 'Transform Ageing' in Cornwall on Monday 24th April. And as 70+ older people, social entrepreneurs and health and social care leaders got stuck into the challenge, I mused on what can be achieved by a room full of determined individuals....Read more

Pioneers of the West

Health care in West PenwithRead more

Welcome Home (Home from Hospital scheme)

No such thing as a typical Welcome Home referral.Read more

Jump into 2017 and hit the ground running

It's going to be a busy year, not just for me, as the past few days have proved, but for Volunteer Cornwall and the sector across the County, as services are squeezed, budgets are cut, and the need for help and support becomes more evident.Read more