The transport staff and volunteers here work with so many different groups and demographics, and by and large every single one represents a cause, or area of concern that is thoroughly deserving of more attention or credit for the people who work in that particular field day in day out. To an extent, we are fortunate in that we provide very straightforward, if necessary, assistance in one particular area of a charity or community group’s work and we don’t have to fully grapple with the challenges and difficulties which a particular sector faces.

When I talk with our volunteer drivers one of the groups that we help that almost always comes up that the drivers find rewarding to work alongside and wish they could do more for is a project run locally by Action for Children called Kernow Young Carers ( who are really active in supporting young people in Cornwall who are caring for family members.

I read this morning that today is Young Carers Awareness Day in this informative article written by someone who as a young man was the carer for his mother In it the author speaks candidly about the difficulties faced by young people in this situation, and what the adults and authorities who interact with them can do to help them and their families. In the author’s view a lot of it boils down to being aware of the existence of this group of families and making allowances for the very different childhood they are likely experiencing.

One of the more difficult sections to read deals with how young people in this situation may not even identify themselves as being a 'young carer' or even understand that their situation is different to others and they may need people around them to help them recognise that they could get support in bearing the responsibility which they do. Even as someone aware of the work done by groups locally supporting young people and their families in this situation I was moved, and learned a lot, by reading it.