I went along to Mellingey Mill with Colum our Corporate Volunteering Officer to see how Volunteer Cornwall can help Emma Scott grow and blossom with her Willow weaving and creative craftwork.  Emma is extremely talented when it comes to Willow crafts, she has woven baskets big and small and of varying shapes and styles and she rather wonderfully creates sculptures from Willow too.  Just have a look along the street that runs through St. Issey and you’ll find an eccentric lady and a pair of bumble bees crafted out of Willow.  I’m not really familiar with Willow trees and was amazed by their shape and beauty.

Willow baskets below with Willow sticks and other creations by Emma, also the Willow trees glistening in the sunshine.


Emma works mostly on her own chopping and preparing the willow and working from her lovely Yurt.  If you would like to learn more or get involved with this wonderful craft then pop down to Mellingey Mill or contact Emma: [email protected]  or follow Emma on face book https://www.facebook.com/Emma-Scott-Artist-185445364836058/  Emma also holds workshops on willow craft.  It was a lovely day spent in the woods and learning about the Willow Tree.