As one of the computer enthusiasts in the office, my colleagues will often come to me with queries about Microsoft Office, our new website or how to do something on a mobile device… At some point during the week I’ll hear a voice call across the office asking “Andrew, do you have a minute to take a look at something?”

That question is often followed by a query about something like how to format or print a document in a certain way… Though technology can sometimes be unpredictable and over the years I’ve been asked for help with some technical issues that have left me scratching my head in confusion as well.

While computers can be a great help to work, without the knowledge and understanding of how to use them, they can be a daunting thing to pick up and use. The prospect of starting to use a computer is made even more of a seemingly uphill challenge by the vast changes that come about with new versions of software like Microsoft Office.

As a trainer, I’m always interested to find out what subjects people are interested in learning more about, what people find most difficult and which struggles with technology could be remedied with some guidance.

If you could pick any IT topic to have a day’s workshop on, what would you choose?

Perhaps you’re thinking about setting up your first WordPress website, confused by Microsoft’s insistence to move everything around with each new version of Office or maybe you’d just like to understand what a Hashtag is?


Part of the role of the training team is to develop new & bespoke courses, so if there’s a topic that you’d like to learn more about why not leave a comment or make an enquiry to see if we can help.