So today, Ben (Transport Manager) and I are off to meet David and Emily from Cornwall Council's Integrated Transport Unit to talk "community transport" which got me thinking - what is "community transport" anyway and why do we need it?

A quick check of the Community Transport Association website came up with this definition (which I think is quite good) - "Community transport enables people to live independently, participate in their community and to access education, employment, health and other services.  It uses and adapts conventional vehicles to do exceptional things – always for a social purpose and community benefit, but never for a profit."

At Volunteer Cornwall, we have over 200 volunteer drivers who enable children to get to school, older people to get to medical appointments. We also have an accessible vehicle which can take a wheelchair and passengers, again driven by volunteers. 

In Truro, we run the Shopmobility Scheme which provides buggies and scooters, enabling people with limited mobility to access shops and services in the city centre.

But excitingly, we will soon be taking delivery of a brand spanking new minibus, as part of a Government scheme, which will be available to community groups and charities across Cornwall. And we would love to hear from you about how you think we should best use this new resource? Is it as simple as offering it for hire on a first come, first served basis? Or should we be a bit smarter about how and where we use it?

If your community is grappling with transport issues, and having access to our minibus might help you explore possible solutions, please get in touch with Tim or Ben on our Transport Team and we would love to chat further about how we might help.