I've been in post a little over two months now and in that time I've been getting out and about learning about some of the great projects and initiatives in the West of Cornwall, that's my patch so to speak. One of the first things I was asked was, "What do you make? Do you hold craft events?" Well, I suppose community making could be described as a type of crafting, it just hasn't involved glue and papier mache.......yet!

I could use words like facilitating, engaging, supporting, problem solving, capacity building but sometimes that can all sound a little woolly so maybe it's easier to give an example. At the moment I'm working on plans for an event at the start of November. Age UK (Cornwall & The Isles of Scilly), Volunteer Cornwall, the Diocese of Truro & Cornwall Council have come together to host an event bringing together lay pastors & those of different faiths working in and for their communities. Cornwall is filled with really inspiring charities and community groups but beyond that, at an individual level there is an additional layer of community action and this is just one section in that layer. So, why are we collectively hosting an event? To bring people together, to enable the sharing of knowledge and the passing along of wisdom and to help address some of the real or percieved barriers to good works and good ideas. I suppose in short I'm helping to craft the event and help others to work their magic in the communities they serve.