I have been a co-ordinator with the project for nine months and the time has passed in an instant. We are rapidly heading towards 450 referrals and in partnership with the Red Cross we are managing to keep pace.

With an older retired community in Cornwall the average age of the service users is in their eighties. There is no such thing as a typical Welcome Home referral. I have been talking to new volunteers about the scheme and the only way I can prepare them for a visit is to say expect a wide range of scenarios when you walk through the door. No two visits will be the same.

We offer reassurance to those that feel unsure about going home and how they will cope, especially after several weeks or months in hospital. That bit of support makes all the difference. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be hands on practical support. One person thanked me for just keeping in touch and being a listening ear.

The practical support can cover shopping, picking up prescriptions, sorting out their fridge or the post that has accumulated. Or signposting to other agencies that help with benefits’ advice, information on heating and insulating their home, lifelines and equipment to aid their every day life, to name just a few.

There is something very satisfying in being able to help someone enrich their life, however small it seems to us, it can be a game changer for them.