I tell people that I am ‘a Jack (or Jenny) of all trades and master of none’  What that really means is that I have various attributes and a few skills so I’m capable of fitting in anywhere and am adaptable to change, and ‘getting stuck in’. This year is no exception. At the end of December I’m told that I have yet another new role –to be precise, its two! For a while I shall be part of the Welcome Home team, as well as a Community Maker, back on my old patch (traditionally remembered as Restormel and Carrick), now recognised as Mid Cornwall.

I have to quickly get to grips with the paperwork, forms and database for Welcome Home ( a big thank you to Jude T for her dry wit and patience) and I also must reacquaint myself with the Community Hospitals and the various members of staff who deal with patient discharges.

Networking is another priority, as within the sector things change so rapidly. Sadly, many voluntary organisations have gone and others have lost resources due to a lack of funding and have had to reduce capacity . However, we do have some exciting new organisations who are developing their services to support the area we live in, and others who are still continuing their work with the help from Cornwall’s amazing volunteer workforce. I’m looking forward to getting out and about, meeting new people, building new partnerships and having the opportunity to re-establish relationships and help them to strengthen our fragile communities.  And it starts now:

A diary snippit:

·         Get up to speed with Working Links, speak to referred clients, motivate them to try  some voluntary activity, later find out that the programme is being put on hold. One client is still going to try out the volunteering anyway, because in his own words it sounded right up his street –bonus!

·         Attend Welcome Home meeting with colleagues, familiarise myself with the processes –but am reminded each client is different so it’s never the same twice. (Note to self: remember to close client record on database or M gets annoyed (forewarned is always forearmed!))

·         Attend meeting at St Austell Hospital, where I’m warmly greeted by the ward staff. Enthusiastically I wax lyrical about Welcome Home, I answer questions and plant posters and leaflets everywhere, then promise to visit regularly.

·         Attend meeting at Newquay hospital (ditto above), The team are lovely individuals who are doing their utmost to ensure a patients stay is as comfortable as possible, and will go out of their way to make it brighter. Once again I was welcomed, and  encouraged by the reaction about the scheme.

·         Back to old role briefly, Early Help Hub hat on, writing report on the Integration of the Voluntary and Community Sector (which really requires a better title).

·         Attend a meeting with the Discharge to Assess team, build links with the OT’s discharge nurses and support workers. It now feels like I’ve been doing Welcome Home forever.

·         Source some support for any elderly person who has requested help. From Day centre to a long distance transport service and a lot of reassurance.

-         Arrange a meeting with Active Plus, a vetrans group who aim to inspire people.

·         Emails and phone calls and other appointments fill the rest of the time, along with completing some referrals on the database under Jude’s watchful eye, and there’s still a few minutes to catch up with the life and tribulations of colleagues after our festive break.

 and its only my 7th working day of the year!