We are at the midpoint of our latest delivery of the Level 4 Award in Volunteer Management with a diverse group of volunteer managers/coordinators.  The variety of personal experience and organisations in the room have helped these sessions to be both lively and entertaining, with some frank discussions about volunteers and volunteering. 

In our last session we have been discussing the challenges that we have in reaching potential new volunteers and how we may need to think ’out of the box’.  It can be very easy to become complacent and to utter phrases like ‘we always do it that way’ and then one day we find that we don’t have enough volunteers to run our projects.  I recollected that attaching posters on town noticeboards was the first (and sometimes only) plan in communicating our messages but now we have the wider world of the internet to use and extend our reach.  This gives us a huge opportunity to be creative but also brings us another set of learning challenges…from tweeting to blogging! And without doubt can be a very time consuming activity in an already busy day.

We would like to hear about your experiences in promoting your volunteering opportunities and if you have any creative ideas that you can share with the sector? 

We are also keen to find out if Do-it works for you?  What are your experiences?