My learning experience - Rebecca Dickson, CORMAC

About 3 years ago I found myself parachuted into a job managing volunteers for CORMAC. As my only previous qualification was in highway maintenance and management I thought I’d better take the opportunity to get some training and qualification in the job that I found myself doing!

And what a good decision that turned out to be. Signing up for the level 4 in volunteer management with Volunteer Cornwall opened my eyes to a whole new world that I was previously unaware of. The training itself was superb, with plenty of opportunity for discussion and debate, and I came away from each session feeling more qualified and able to make informed decisions in my day to day working life.

As a direct result of the course, CORMAC now have a fully functioning Volunteer Management Policy, as well as other useful handouts and documents which I have written and are in daily use in my contacts with the various groups that I manage.

I now feel able to give advice and guidance, not only externally, but also internally to colleagues across the business who are not in general well versed in the management of a volunteer programme.

One of the highlights of the training was certainly the opportunity to meet with fellow course members and get an insight into their activities, seeing what could be brought across into CORMAC’s set-up, and we all gained valuable information from each other.

The gaining of the qualification itself, while challenging, was certainly in my mind secondary to the overall benefit of the learning experience, which is surely what good training should be.

I have to say that I would highly recommend this course, or any like it, especially to people who come fresh to this sector as my knowledge base has increased beyond all recognition since my first session!

My training experience - Sarah Waters, Falmouth Town Council

The Volunteer Cornwall run Volunteer Management Course has been great in developing my understanding of volunteering, and has made me aware of best practices for managing volunteers during our events in Falmouth.

During the course I met a real range of managers and coordinators from different organisations in Cornwall, each with their own stories to tell, and networking with them has been key to our shared learning.