How can Volunteer Management & Fundraising training help you and your organisation?

We have an opportunity for you to become involved with the new ESF programme ‘Upskilling the Voluntary Sector’.  You may ask why… I will leave that to Paul to talk about.

Paul’ story

Paul Ford - Volunteer
When I retired for the second time seven years ago, I decided that I needed something to occupy my time and keep my mind and body active and volunteering fitted the bill. My first ventures into the field of volunteering were to contact Bath Cats & Dogs Home and Wiltshire Air Ambulance and see how I could be of help to them.

My applications were successful and I became a Pre Homing Visitor for Bath Cats & Dogs and an Event and Speaker Volunteer for WAACT. I later had the opportunity to become a Trustee for WAACT which allowed me to gain first hand knowledge of how the charity operated.

After four years in Wiltshire we moved to Cornwall and naturally continued my volunteering this time with the RSPCA and Vizslamentes, a Hungarian Vizsla Rehoming Group, in the same Pre Homing role and with the Cornwall Air Ambulance as a speaker and events volunteer.

Whilst volunteering I learned that Volunteer Cornwall were running some courses which I felt would be very useful in my work as a volunteer so I enrolled in the Fundraising Level 3 and the Volunteer Management Levels 3 & 4 courses. This was quite a challenge for me as I had not undertaken anything like this since college some 40+ years ago.  But with the help of an excellent Tutor, I was able to gain my certificates at all levels, and I have to say that I was really pleased with myself.

I believe that by completing these courses it has given me a better understanding of the way that Charities operate and the complexities of raising funds and dealing with volunteers in the sectors in which I am working. As time goes on I want to be able to employ the knowledge that I have gained within the charities in order to give something back and help the charity grow.

To that end I have been elected on to the Volunteer Forum at Cornwall Air Ambulance and I have also been asked to join the Working Group for “Investing in Volunteers” Scheme which Cornwall Air Ambulance is working towards.

I really enjoy my life as a Volunteer and I encourage everyone to try it. I get a great sense of satisfaction from the knowledge that I am helping others and in the case of the Cornwall Air Ambulance - saving lives.

Paul Ford, a volunteer

Paul is a trained speaker for the Cornwall Air Ambulance. He goes to give a talk to organisations who want to learn about the work of our charity. The groups range from young children to the elderly and as he’s so passionate about helicopters, he answers nearly every question he gets asked. Paul will also volunteer at Events that are held both internally at our HQ, or externally by a third party. He gets to spread his knowledge amongst the community and raises valuable funds for us.

Jackie Eastwood, Volunteer Manager, Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust