Myself and my colleague Steve had the great pleasure of attending the Transitional Fair held at Cornwall College St Austell last week. We were one of many organisations invited to promote services and projects that we offer to people with additional needs who are transitioning from one stage of education to another or into future volunteering or employment.

We were kept busy promoting the Living well to Work programme with people keen to sign up to the Rehearsals for Work, The VIVA project that supports people with additional needs, disabilities or illnesses into volunteering with a bespoke, supportive service provided by Steve. For those young people that currently volunteer we supplied them with information about Timebanking Your Way, a programme that rewards volunteering in the young.

We had a great day meeting inspiring people, many who give so much to our community through volunteering, kindness and support. Many people who face barriers to learning and work but are driven to seek out both education and employment, often having to challenge attitudes to break down barriers to succeed.

Friday was a reminder that many of us have the same dreams and goals, that sometimes we just have to take that leap and encourage others to look past the faces and bodies that are presented to the world, to see the passion, heart,loyalty and determination within.