A small inspiring team (Tom, Trudy and Josh) saved their local shop from closure and at the same time began a local delivery service with a difference to their older residents.

Tom didn't want to see his local shop close down and neither did a lot of the residents.  So, helped by an inspiring partnership with Trudy and Josh and funded by locals, they set about a transformation.  With the support from around 300 people they were able to buy the shop and completely turn it around.  They invested in peer-to-peer loans (which means locals get a return on their original investment) but also they introduced a delivery service with a difference.

Tom has around twenty regulars that he delivers to but he doesn't just deliver their shopping - he also takes time out of his day to sit and chat and have a cup of tea with them.  For many this is very welcome as often he will be the only person they see all day.  The majority are aged between 60 and 90 and many live alone and find it difficult to get out and about.  So Tom, being the inspiration that he is, goes the extra mile by offering them a trip into the shop occasionally if they fancy getting out of the house for a bit.  He goes and helps them into the car and brings them to the shop so that they can stretch their legs and have a browse.  Immediately their persona changes - they feel happier in themselves; they've conversed with others and they've had the chance to move and see something different other than the 'four walls'.

I would just like to thank Tom for taking time to do something that he would describe as a small thing probably without realising the huge impact it has on older peoples' lives.

Well done to you and your team and congratulations on the continued success of the shop!