The Growing Project

If you care about where and how your fruit and vegetables are grown and want to support a local non for profit organisation then look no further than the ‘Growing Project’ at Pensilva. Situated in beautiful surroundings just off Bodmin Moor the Growing Project is a small CIC (Community Interest Company) set up by Ruth Wilson and manned by a loyal team of volunteers. The volunteers meet on a Wednesday in the winter months and Thursdays too after March and part of their volunteering experience is to all sit down together for lunch, usually a soup with ingredients grown and produced on the land by the very volunteers! I talked to some of the volunteers who said it is more like working with family members than just individuals as a special relationship co-exists amongst the volunteers and their time spent on the land is very therapeutic. There is a lot of love and care that goes into working the Growing Project and the produce is completely organic. They also provide a delivery service and produce Veg boxes consisting of a variety of fruit and veg. They also provide a Veg stall each Thursday which is refreshed with all sorts of seasonal delights and all they ask is that you put cash in the post-box on the gate. They welcome lawn clippings, used rabbit bedding and cuttings at their compost bins by the gate. The ‘Growing Project’ is run by the community for its community!

The Growing Project welcome volunteers for all sorts of jobs if you would like to get involved or would like some more information then contact Ruth at: [email protected]