On Monday last week 16 volunteers came out to spend the day with Newquay Forest School in Colan Woods. Newquay Forest School do great work with children to teach them outdoor skills and provide a fun and safe environment to take part in outdoor activities. In the run up to half term there was plenty which needed doing from for the forest school to be ready to have young children running around and enjoying nature. Tasks included moving logs, stripping bark, and building up fences, all of which is important work to allow children to visit the area and spend the night sleeping in hammocks under the stars.


Between work sessions the volunteers were treated to teas, coffees, pasties and even a lesson on how to create fire by friction.

Both the forest school and the volunteers were delighted by the day, Jo the manager of the Forest School said "It was fantastic to have so many volunteers helping out for the day. Tasks which might take me all day can be done in 30 minutes with this group" and James who was volunteering for the day said " The event provided an excellent opportunity to work with other colleagues in my service whom I have little interaction during my normal day to day work." and added he wouldn't have changed a single thing about the day.

On Wednesday four volunteers were helping with a Macmillan gardening project in St Austell for a lady called Anne. The task was to create a boundary in Anne's front garden and then to lay a membrane and place chippings on top. The first couple hours of the task took place in the relative shade of some light clouds. However, by the afternoon the sun was out in its full glory just as the really hard work was beginning! Meaning that the volunteers spent the afternoon moving in two and half tonnes of chipping in nearly 20 degree heat, which proved to be a demanding task!  In fact we even had to stop at one point to cool down and eat Magnum ice lollies. Once it was complete though the look of satisfaction on Anne showed how much of an impact the day had had on her. 


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