Storm Eleanor – what a messy lady!
Nobody in Cornwall can fail to have known that Eleanor was in our Country last week, she blew in fierce and strong leaving a trail of destruction behind her, flooding, crumbling sea walls, and mess everywhere.

Inspired by pictures on Facebook myself and my family took part in a SAS beach clean at Porthtowan this weekend. We were all shocked by the sheer volumes of plastic a lot of them raw plastic nodules meant for plastic manufacture and cotton buds. At points on the beach we could not see the sand for plastic. Whilst this made us very sad what gladdened our hearts was the amount of families doing exactly as we were, from toddlers to pensioners all were there clearing the beaches side by side.

Organised beach cleans are a great opportunity to work for the common good alongside your community and help the earth a little. However, you can make a difference also by taking a bag with you each time you go to the beach and gather rubbish that should not be going back into the sea.

You become quite obsessive and can’t pass a piece of plastic or fishing gear without bagging it. By the end of our stint we had filled a large bucket with plastic, Dolly our people pleasing springer had adopted several families and our son had apparently frozen all of his fingers off. We also left feeling proud of our community and the people who call others to arms. Volunteering can be done on your own, as a family, as a group as part of a community. We can also vouch that it makes you feel fabulous!