'Social Prescribing, sometimes referred to as a Community referral, is a means of enabling, GPs, nurses and other primary care professionals to refer people to a range of local, non-clinical services'

Below is a poem I have written to try and express one idea of a Social Prescription, what would yours be?

Social Prescriptions

I visited my doctor the other day
I wasn’t feeling myself
My energy was down, my spirits low
I was worried about my health

Would you like to sit, he said to me
Let’s see what we can find
We had a chat, he took some notes
Then asked “now what’s on your mind?”

I’m upset with the World and what’s going on
With the loss of innocent life
It makes me sad and I want to help
To ease the trouble and strife

He looked at me and he understood
And wrote things down on his pad
Then gave it to me and softly said
I can see why it is that you’re sad

The condition you have is a common one
I see it more and more
It stems from your conscience and from your heart
I see it in the sick and the poor

Take your prescription, I hope it helps
To fulfil and enrich your life
Stay strong if you can find others to help
Together you can tackle the strife!

I went away with warmth in my heart
My energy renewed at last
My doctor had listened
A prescription I had
But very different from the past

A book of poems
A country walk
Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi
Suggestions for music some films or a play
And plenty of time by the sea
He also suggested read lots of books
Do things that you really enjoy
Find ways to help others
Find out who is lonely
And spread some love and some joy