With the second of the four workshops now under my belt, now was the time to do some research.  

Everyone has a story to tell but it always surprises me how some people are happy to tell their's.  This could not be more true than of the lovely lady that I interviewed last week about staying physically active in later life.  There she was, a picture of health - tall, slim and with glowing skin - but then she opened up as to how she'd struggled with her weight for years leading up to her 50s.  This was hard to believe as she now rows, runs, horse-rides, swims and does pilates - in fact, she didn't get into 'sport' until her 60's!  (So it's never too late folks!).  She then mentioned that she also does a spot of gardening - although quite how she finds the time is beyond me. Throughout our discussion she tells me of the mental health benefits in addition to the physical ones - which, as a fellow sportsperson, I can totally relate to. But the biggest surprise to me was, when wrapping up our conversation, she said that she also does volunteering; she collects and hands out library books to those living alone in her community. When I comment on how much of a positive impact this must be on their lives, she quickly corrects me and tells me "no, you misunderstand me - it enriches my life – knowing that I've spent some time with someone who would otherwise be on their own with no visitors makes me feel good."

Just goes to show how doing such a small thing can bring so much and how it really is good to talk!