When you’re invited to a networking event you often have the idea that it will be about meeting new people/new organisations, sitting around a table sharing news, ideas and updates. Not so with Young People Cornwall and Your way East Cornwall.

It was more a team bonding and getting mucky event with Transferable Skills Training (TST) an educational centre specialising in teaching vocational skills to young people and adults on Merryhue farm, Callington. There were fantastic facilities for young people as well as a farm filled with various poultry, pigs, alpacas goats and ponies. Courses are also offered in Animal Husbandry and personal development.

After splitting into three groups and foolishly ticking all the options I found myself beginning the morning sessions with Rock Climbing. I have never rock climbed and was very relieved that I was harnessed. I soon discovered you need upper arm strength tough hands and a head for heights. I got half way, twice before giving up and admitting defeat, maybe after losing a few stone and preparing with a few press ups might I give it another try!

Bush craft was next, much nicer feet firmly on the ground and our task of constructing a bivvie tent in the woods (a very low lying tent used by the army tied between two trees) turning out to be something I could be proud of, however you would not have got me to enter it!

A bit of mountain biking next, oh lordy lordy, what had I let myself in for? We had helmets and gloves and powerful bikes, riding through the mud and leaves felt like riding through treacle, however it was also exhilarating and helped build up a good appetite for the pasty lunch. I had sore hands, sore arms and a rather sore posterior but came away feeling that as a grandmother I am still able to learn and try out new things, there is a first time for everything, what about a parachuting networking event next time haven’t done that before! 

Me below celebrating constructing my first Bivvie Tent! The Alpacas who live on the farm.