If you are going to start a new role, it’s fortuitous when the week starts with a bank holiday giving you an extra day of fun at the beach and working in the garden. The downside waking with bruises and aches from head to toe!

For me I embraced the experience of first day nerves, checking I looked ok, no toothpaste on my chin (reassured by my 8 year old that I looked fabulous!) as these are the experiences I am going to be supporting participants on the Living well to Work programme to overcome. Having only started 2 jobs in the last 15 years it was an alien experience, but not an overwhelming one.

Mistake number one... no breakfast so upon my arrival and first part of my induction my stomach thought it would pipe up and gurgle all the way through HR induction.

Throughout the day I was introduced to the team and updated on Governance amongst many, many things. The abbreviations blurred into on another, remembering names... finding out about all the great projects that Volunteer Cornwall have to offer.

Working in a shared office is very new to me, having to tune out and in of different conversations will be a skill to develop. The best thing I found with sharing office space was the team’s ability to put me at ease and their shared camaraderie. The other great thing is that the information sharing is easy.

As the week progressed I began to fit pieces of the jigsaw into place.

The hardest part of the week has been being new and not knowing, having come from a role that I was the Oracle to asking everything about everything and maybe even having to ask twice. I shall definitely remember this when supporting people that it is brave to ask, to be bold and get the information you need. That with each day something else will become a little clearer, and that a question you ask may make it clearer for somebody else too.

Reminding myself that I need to walk before I can run constantly and not be so tough on myself!

....the second mistake....

Wearing new trousers on your first day and forgetting to remove the price tags! Think I got away with that one!

I am very much looking forward to helping participants on the Living Well to Work project feel at ease as they take on new challenges over the coming years.