Last week I had the privilege to meet two inspirational figures from the community in Redruth.  I'd popped along to Redruth Community Centre to check out the venue for an event and stumbled across a class known as the 'Cardiac Rehab Awareness Support Haven' or 'CRASH' for short. One by one the hall filled up with ladies and gents from the local area - all of whom were in 'later life' - older adults categorised as over 50 to you and me!  They came in their fitness gear armed with water bottles and big smiles.  I looked around thinking the 'instructor' or rehab therapist will turn up soon and, much to my surprise, was then introduced to Roy and Jim (both in their 70's) who run the class. They told me how they'd met on their own rehab course many years ago and, following sign-off from their respective consultants, then thought well what do we do now? And so, they joined forces with three other members and set up the CRASH group; following input and advice from cardiac rehab therapists, their own group was up and running - that was in 2005.  Today they have 60 paid-up members - all ex-cardiac patients who have a letter from their doctor allowing them to participate.  They pay £2 a session (the class is twice a week) and this goes to pay for the hall hire and a raffle ticket and cuppa afterwards.  They have various bits of equipment that they have acquired through charitable donations and sponsorship and information cards at each workstation explaining each activity.

All participants get something out of it as the emphasis is on the social as well as the activity.  There are those on their own - single, not often by choice - and there are couples too and there is a good mix of men and women.  The age range is currently 51-85.  It is non-competitive yet, left alone for five minutes with a soft football, the men are larking around like kids - no change there then!

I was invited to speak at the beginning of the class about the Transform Ageing programme and also to chat to all of the members to get their views on things - I even got to stay for a cuppa and a chat with them afterwards.

Bearing in mind the type of surgery they had all endured at some point, how refreshing to find a group that had gelled together and were now a support network for each other.  This was borne out of zest for life and camaraderie and wanting to keep active...truly inspiring thank you CRASH members!