On 16.03.17 Volunteer Cornwall, with help from Clean Cornwall arranged for staff members from Cornwall Council to tidy Marazion Beach. Marazion Beach, which is owned by St Aubyn's Estate, faces St Michael's Mount and is one of Cornwall most popular beaches.

Despite the threat of bad weather the volunteers were raring to go and after a short health and safety briefing they quickly began filling their bags with all sorts of waste which had been washed up on the beach. A competition was held amongst the team to see who could find the best item and for the longest time I was confident I was going to win with a large onion I had found amongst the seaweed. Shortly before the clean finished though a unanimous winner was declared when one member found an old pair of underwear!

It is extremely important that we keep our beaches tidy. Dirty beaches will turn away tourists which in turn has a massive impact on the local economy and will help protect local wildlife and fishes who can mistake discarded plastic for food. By the times we had finished we had collected 15 bags of rubbish just from this one beach.

I personally want to send a big thank you to Clean Cornwall for lending us their equipment, St Aubyn's Estate for the use of their car park and the beach and to the volunteer who came along for the day. Great job guys! Let do it again soon.