Yesterday I was privileged to spend the day with some volunteers from Cornwall Council at Cornwall Hospice Care’s warehouse in Holmbush, St Austell. The work done by Cornwall Hospice Care is invaluable in supporting people with terminal illness with end of life care, from educational training for health professionals to domiciliary visits to running two hospices in Mount Edgcumbe and St Julias. In order to prove this support Cornwall Hospice Care need to raise £7 million pounds every year, a huge sum for any organisations, which is why the work done in their charity shops and warehouse is vital to keeping their services going.


Before starting we were given a tour of the warehouse and we quickly saw the scope of the massive operation which goes on there. I was particularly impressed by the work of their Ebay Experts, whose job is to determine if an item is more valuable than what they usually sell in their shops and if so how much it is actually worth, just a few weeks ago they found an old corkscrew which turned out to be worth almost £500!


Half of us were put to task in tidying their furniture warehouse. The Hospice Care gets donated to them hundreds of beds every year and the Hospice Care’s 2nd largest warehouse was full of odd parts of different beds and tables. We were to match up all the parts of a bed and wrap them up ready to send off to one of their 29 different locations across the county. The other of the team spent time helping in the clearance section of the warehouse and also sorting the mountains of bags of clothing they have donated each week.


We all enjoyed getting stuck into and trying to figure out how to put the beds together, some in the team were better at it than others (Sorry again, everyone!). By the end of the day we all felt that we had enjoyed ourselves and helped the Hospice Centre work towards their huge target to keep running for the year. It was really great to work along side such dedicated volunteers and to try and help such an important service which the Hospice Care provide.