Last week I was warmly welcomed to my first Bloom Meeting. Now you could be forgiven for thinking I'd stepped into a meeting about floral bouquets and flower arranging but the topic was a little heavier. Since November 2014 a pilot project called Bloom has been running in West Cornwall. One of the main aims of the pilot is to fill the gap in provision for children and young people with emotional, behavioural and mental health problems who do not meet the threshold for specialist NHS provided Children & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS). Bloom does this by bringing together a multi-agency team that considers local referrals and directs young people and families into appropriate local provision.

So what was I doing at such a meeting? Well, I was there to see how the meeting works and how we might be able to help. Bloom looks at the needs of the whole family as well as the child and with Volunteer Cornwall's person centred approach, and links to a wide breadth & depth of community & voluntary projects, we could be another building block in a multi-faceted approach to improving mental health & wellbeing for children & adolescents. How it could work in practice - well that is going to take a little bit of consideration but the theory looks good to me!