I thought I would try and write a blog since I am about to go on leave for about 2-3 months, not the sort of leave you necessarily look forward to though, as I am about to have a hip operation. A necessary evil you might say! I am looking forward to the end result though which will hopefully mean I can walk again without an aid.

For the last few weeks I have been trying to update all of the opportunities we manage on the do-it website so they will not go out of date whilst I am off. No mean task I might add as we currently have in excess of a thousand opportunities. I have also been trying to write some instructions for those colleagues who will cover my job in my absence. It wasn’t until I started to write down exactly what I do that I realised how complicated it is to instruct others. I have been in my job for 10 years now and have absorbed many changes to the job role along the way. There have been updates and changes to websites and databases that have been learnt along the way but more importantly the little tweaks enabling tasks to be done more efficiently (hopefully!) or ways round things when the websites/databases do not behave in the way they should do! All this is not onerous to me as they are things that I do on a regular basis, usually daily, but when I came to have to put it all down on paper (well actually an electronic Word document) it was not so easy. So, mission largely accomplished, it is now about to be tested by an extremely competent colleague of mine, so he can find any glitches in my instructions before I disappear!
This week is my last full week at work, as I have some leave for my daughter’s wedding before the operation, and it has a very strange feeling to it. A number of colleagues are going on annual leave from mid week so are saying ‘goodbye’ with quantities of cake I am told! (Our office does like cake and we use any excuse to indulge. Don’t tell the surgeon!) I have a mixture of emotions from being excited about the wedding to having that horrid anxious feeling in the stomach about the operation! In the way of things, both events will be over in no time and I shall hopefully have some very happy memories of the former to dwell on in my recovery period from the latter.
Depending on how I quickly I recover my next words to many of you may well be seasonal greetings, so in closing I will say ‘Have a Happy Christmas and New year!!’