What is volunteering?

Level 3 Volunteer Management student work


Volunteering can be many things…

Helping out at your local drama group

Helping on the local community hall committee

Are you part of your local ‘In bloom team’?

Organising a local game club?

Do you help someone with shopping?

Giving someone a lift in your car to hospital

Help out at a local event

Volunteering can take place anywhere.

Photo courtesy of: Emma Coster/Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Our CEO (pictured above) had a few minutes to spare and helped out at a local beach clean – in his suit.

Volunteering can also take on the cloak of being socially responsible. 

Our colleague Lorna was recently on holiday and noticed a sheep lying on its back. Remembering what she had heard about sheep often not being able to stand back up she took the time out of her day to seek out a farm to let them know… they confirmed her concerns and were very pleased that she had taken that time to find them.  

How can you get volunteering?

Volunteering gives back as much as you give your time. Research evidence has shown that it improves health and wellbeing and generally has a feel good factor. And it also provides new experiences, references, social opportunities, new skills, training opportunities, friendship, exercise, fun and more.

You do not always need special clothes or to commit to long term volunteering. Micro volunteering is another way of helping out and is often as simple as ‘liking’ various pages on the internet or researching for a local campaign.

So if you would like to volunteer your time try searching https://do-it.org/ for ideas or check out your local paper.