Since the start of 2017 the Council have had 214 staff members volunteer on 35 different projects. The feedback from these volunteers as well as from the projects supported has been very positive. Below are just a couple examples of the activities undertaken by Council staff members. 

Case Study 1: Painting- Morley Tamblyn

In August three Cornwall Council volunteers were given permission to spend the day at Morley Tamblyn lodge in Liskeard helping to repaint the recreation room. Morley Tamblyn is a day centre for Adults with learning disabilities and the rec room has been something which the attendees had wanted repainted for sometime.

Morley Tamblyn provided us with the tools, paint and a radio and left us to the tasks of painting the room. The volunteers worked hard all morning and were treated to a pasty at lunchtime before finishing off their working in the afternoon.

By the end of the day the volunteers had brightened the room with the new paint job and the clients of Morley Tamblyn were delighted with how it looked. The volunteers were given a handmade card as a way of saying thank you. Alan Chapman from Morley added “I would like to thank you and the volunteers for the work that they did, it has made such a big difference.”

Case Study 2: Macmillan Project- Redruth

During August two staff members from the Cornwall were able to spend the day supporting the Macmillan Home and Garden Makeover scheme. The garden makeover was for a person who had been receiving cancer treatment. Her illness had left her unable to deal with her garden hedge which had become wildly overgrown and was impeding the public path outside.

By the end of the afternoon the volunteers had been able to cut back the hedge allowing pedestrians to walk on the path once again without having to dodge the wild hedge!

The volunteers were really pleased to have finished the task and person we helped was happy to know the hedge wasn’t bothering people walking outside her property anymore.

The employer-supported volunteering scheme allows staff to take up to two days a year paid leave to volunteer. If you have any interest in volunteering again please contact Colum Taylor at [email protected]