Sometimes a day in the life of an admin assistant can seem pretty mundane, the same tasks repeated in various ways seem to string along in much the same way day after day. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy my work (well most of it anyway!), in fact I am one of those odd people who loves shredding, slicing, laminating, folding and the like! By being part of a wider team my role has expanded  recently into this role of delights in order to support the rest of the team! My other forte has been more recently recognised as that of a proof reader, this is something that comes pretty naturally to me and something I could have got proud about it until I took an online proof reading test, failing miserably!! The problem with proof reading is that you have to know your subject as well as being able to spot the typos and mistakes. This is where I fell down, so I will stick to just proof reading for my colleagues in an area that I know well!

Anyway, back to the mundane day in the office, posting a request on Facebook as I do many times in a week, and low and behold someone’s world changed because of my post. I don’t use much social media personally, but a response to a simple post made me realise once again that social media can be an enormous power for good. A six year old Bulgarian boy with no English will hopefully have his world turned around by two kind Bulgarian speaking volunteers who have offered their help in enabling him to socialise.

So my mundane day in the office changed someone’s world. Yes, someone else could have posted but on this occasion I did. We all have a part to play, however small, in changing someone’s world. Not everyday, but sometimes....

I wonder how many stories there are that we never hear about, where lives are changed by the simple act of doing one’s job or volunteering…..