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Get Volunteering for the New Year

Forget that long list of New Year’s Resolutions, from getting fit to meeting someone special, all you need to do is volunteer...

1) Get fit

Environmental groups and charities are always looking for people to get stuck into a wide range of physical tasks - the perfect way to do something good AND get fit. Or why not check out projects like GoodGym? They’re a group of runners who combine regular exercise with helping their communities. Wave farewell to those expensive gym memberships!

2) Meet someone special

Forget Tinder and boring blind dates, volunteering can provide a great way to meet the future Mr/Ms Right! It’s fun, low-pressure and makes a refreshing change from trawling bars, clubs or websites in the hope of meeting someone decent. These days you can even mingle with other singletons at specially coordinated volunteering events. Spread the love!

3) Find a new job

Reflect on the gaps in your skills or CV that you feel are holding you back. Once you’ve identified the areas you’d like to build on, you can tailor your search https://do-it.org/opportunities/search for a voluntary role according to your own particular needs and interests. Fancy exploring a career in a new sector? A volunteer role can help you to get a taste of the industry and gain some relevant experience at the same time.

4) Make a difference

Volunteering the ideal way to get involved with a cause you feel passionately about. Perhaps you’ve lost a loved one to an illness that you want to help fight, or maybe you’re animal lover unable to keep a pet in your rented flat. Whatever your motivation it’s your passion that will have you jumping out of bed to make a difference on that rainy Sunday morning.

5) Be happier

Volunteering makes you feel good! Scientists believe that acting altruistically releases endorphins in the brain, this is known as the “helper’s high”. Helping others can also give a healthy boost to your self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction. Need more convincing? Volunteering means actively participate in social and community life, something that’s strongly associated with happiness and life satisfaction. Warm fuzzies all round!

Kickstart your 2017 - start your search for the perfect volunteer role today!

Tackling Loneliness Together


Loneliness is a major health problem that is often overlooked. Did you know, for example, that loneliness is worse for you than obesity? Or that lonely people are 64% more likely to develop dementia?

There are 1 million people aged 65+ who are always or often lonely. However, we believe that together, we can start to change this - at least in Cornwall.

From formal opportunities as a volunteer befriender to informal opportunities such as being a good neighbour and checking on elderly residents living alone, there are lots of ways to 'do your bit'. No matter how busy we are, we can all find time for a catch up over a cup of tea! For you it might be a welcome break from the pressures of a busy life but to an older person living alone it could be the only human contact they have that day!

To find out more, visit our 'Tackling Loneliness' page and together we can make a difference!




The Level 4 Award is now fundable through the new ESF programme – ‘Upskilling for the VCSE Sector’

Find out more from a learners perspective https://www.volunteercornwall.org.uk/blog/volunteer-management-fundraising-a-learners-perspective 

 Ascentis Level 4 AWARD in Volunteer Management

Start date 6th December


Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more details or call 01872 266987


This Award* qualification will be withdrawn from Ofqual as of the 31/12/16 and this will be the last delivery date for the Level 4 course.


The Level 4 Award in Volunteer Management is £550 (if not eligible for funding) which includes refreshments and all learning materials, but we do have some concessionary rates and you can pay by three instalments.


Please contact us if you would like to find out more about this qualification or enquire about how your organisation can become involved in the new

ESF programme – ‘Upskilling for the VCSE Sector’ – see attached.

The last date for registrations for the Award will be the 31/12/16 with all the coursework completed by the 31/12/17. 

*Enrolment on the Level 4 Certificate closed on the 30/09/16

Concessionary Rates for 2016/17

Organisational Concessionary Rate (OCR): Employees or volunteers in organisations with 5 or less employees where a maximum of 2 people attend: 10% reduction on course costs; cannot be used in conjunction with any other incentive

Volunteer Concessionary Rate (VCR): All volunteers: 10% reduction on course costs; needs letter from host to evidence volunteering activity; cannot be used in conjunction with any other incentive

Introductory Concessionary Rate (ICR): Any learner who introduces a friend/family member who has not been a previous VC learner: 10%; cannot be used in conjunction with any other incentive

Progression Concessionary Rate (PCR): Any learner who progresses within same calendar year onto a higher level course: 10% off second course fees; 5% off a third course; cannot be used in conjunction with any other incentive

Multiple Concessionary Rate (MCR): Any learner who enrols on more than one course at the same time: 10% off second course started simultaneously; cannot be used in conjunction with any other incentive 

Marianne Wright  01872 266987

ESF Training Manager and Training co-ordinator